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1. Spiritual awareness among students - Our college works in the belief of the benefits of spiritualism. Through spiritual activities, the college tries to inculcate confidence, and improve the power of concentration of the students.


Keeping in view the increasing restlessness among the youth, the college has adopted the creation of spiritual awareness among the students as one of the best practices. The institution believes that these activities will keep the minds calm and create a positive attitude towards life.  


The following are some of the spiritual activities organized during the academic year 2019-20  

    - Inauguration of academic activities of college by inviting the chief guest of a religious or spiritual profession.

    - Organising lecture programs inviting a chief guest from a prominent religious and spiritual background.

    - Conducting yoga classes for the benefit of the students  

    - Observing various Hindu festivals like Nagara Panchami, Ramanavmi, Karaga in the college  

    - Observing sadbhavana day  

    - Conducting Vishnusahasranama classes  

    - Celebrating Guru Poornima

    - Celebrating New Year with bhajans and performance of Shri satyanarayan Pooja

    - Daily prayers which is compulsory for the students before the commencement of the classes  

    - Sahasra Pushparchane Pooja for Sri Sai Baba was held in the temple situated in the college this is proposed to          be conducted regularly every year  

    - On the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri, Bhajans were performed throughout the night to mark                           significance of the festival.

 2. Women Empowerment- Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th in the college. This witnessed the participation of students in various activities like seminars, collage competitions, skits and so on. The commerce and Management Fest organizes various activities to imbibe confidence and develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students. Some of the activities included product launch, best seller, creative commercials etc,. The students were motivated and also informed about various successful women of India which inspired them to choose the best path for themselves. Students are given classroom projects on various aspects.  

3. Environmental consciousness- The college has established an Eco- club “Hasira Siri” during the academic year 2014-15. During the academic year 2017-18, the activities of the club were expanded and many students volunteered to take part in various eco club activities.


The following are some of the important activities of Eco- club Hasira Siri:

    - Students visited the residents of the localities around the college and motivated them to set up garden in their           residences, no matter how small.  

    - Residents were instructed about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and instances of littering has been             reduced considerably.  

    - Saplings were also distributed to their residences free of cost (Rs. 1000/- worth of saplings)

    - Educating the students about water conservation.

    - Keeping the classroom and the premises clean.

    - Organising various seminars on environmental consciousness.  

    - Encouraging the students to write articles on environmental consciousness

    - Observing ‘Go Green day’  -Organising collage competitions on the concept of environmental consciousness

    - Motivating the students to visit the localities around the college and educate the people about importance of            cleanliness, hazards of environment, pollution, importance of planting trees and so on.

    - Observing World Environment Day. 

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