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Sri Sai Vidyalaya Higher Primary School is exclusively meant for students studying from classes V to VII.

  • Our vision at Sri Sai Vidyalaya is to empower the students to acquire, demonstrate, value knowledge and skills that support them.

  • We bestow the students with highly qualified teachers who are focussed on improving the students outcome through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practices, coaching and mentoring.

  • We provide the students with quality inclusive learning environment that is responsive to student voice. Regular assessments are conducted to supervise the performance of the students.

  • The students are also taught Vishnu Sashranama, Bhajans and Meditation at a formative age of the child.

  • On every Thursday in the auditorium all the students assemble and a special programme, named ‘CHINTHANA’ is arranged where teachers and students speak on a topic which is relevant to the students. This programme is highly appreciated and the information provided to students is highly educative, informative and thought provoking. After this programme all the teachers and students have Bhagavan’s Prasadam together and this has created good fellowship amongst them.

  • Once a week for about an hour the students are taught about new scientific developments, educative, cultural and recreation programmes through Audio – Visual classes.

  • The School has a very good Library Room and Reading Room and students are regularly taken to this room and made to cultivate reading habits by studying books, journals and newspapers.

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