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V.S. Dayananda Kumar
Sri Sai College for Women

Sri Sai High School is exclusively meant for students studying from classes VIII to X.

  • In school we have been bestowing personal attention to each student in their academic pursuit.

  • The students are given special training in Yogasana by a specially qualified Yoga teacher, so that students learn at a very young age. In addition to Yoga, students are made to play game and practice exercises. The whole idea of this physical activity is to make the children healthy and to develop body resistance power and free from minor ailments.

  • Our institution strives its best to provide quality education to its students, within a safe and supportive environment. We aim to prepare our students for their future endeavours with confidence.

  • The best out of the students are noted in their high school. And the best of guidelines are given to them by their teachers and principal to face their board exam. Regular examination, test, project reports are conducted to enhance the performance of the students.

  • Class 10th students are given extra coaching and special attention from the beginning of the academic year.  

Photo Gallery of School

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