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Sri Sai Vidyalaya Lower Primary School is exclusively meant for students studying from classes I to IV.

  • In school we have been bestowing personal attention to each student in their academic pursuit.

  • The students are given special training in Yogasana by a specially qualified Yoga teacher, so that students learn at a very young age. In addition to Yoga, students are made to play game and practice exercises. The whole idea of this physical activity is to make the children healthy and to develop body resistance power and free from minor ailments.

  • The students are also taught Vishnu Sashranama, Bhajans and Meditation at a formative age of the child.

  • The qualified teachers at our school, aim to give their best knowledge and serve the institution and the students to excel. The students are given an opportunity to display their best abilities and talents through various programmes that are conducted in the school.

  • The teaching and learning methodology used is upgraded on a regular basis. Smart boards are used to interact with the students. Regular assessments and tests are conducted yo build a strong foundation in education. 

  • Parents and teachers meetings are conducted on a regular basis to get the feedback.

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